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What is the Best Type of Wood to Use for Firewood?

Choosing the best type of wood for firewood is essential for efficient heating and enjoyable fires. Different woods offer various benefits and drawbacks, making some more suitable for specific needs than others.


  • Oak: A classic choice, oak burns slowly and produces significant heat. It’s ideal for long, steady burns.
    • Pros: High heat output, long-lasting burns.
    • Cons: Requires a long time to season, can be hard to ignite.
  • Maple: Maple offers a good balance of burn time and heat output. It’s less dense than oak but still efficient.
    • Pros: Moderate burn time, decent heat output.
    • Cons: Not as long-lasting as oak, better for shorter burns.
  • Birch: Known for its pleasant aroma, birch burns hotter and faster than many other hardwoods.
    • Pros: Easy to ignite, burns hot.
    • Cons: Shorter burn time, can burn too quickly if not controlled.


  • Pine: Pine ignites easily, making it great for kindling. It’s also more readily available in some regions.
    • Pros: Easy to light, quick heat.
    • Cons: Burns quickly, can leave more creosote.
  • Cedar: Cedar has a wonderful aroma and produces a good amount of heat, though it burns faster than hardwoods.
    • Pros: Pleasant smell, good for kindling.
    • Cons: Quick burn time, not ideal for long-lasting fires.

Factors to Consider

  • Burn Time: Hardwoods generally burn longer than softwoods.
  • Heat Output: Denser woods like oak and maple provide more heat.
  • Ease of Ignition: Softwoods like pine and cedar light easily.
  • Creosote Buildup: Softwoods tend to produce more creosote, which can necessitate more chimney cleaning.


The best wood for firewood depends on your specific needs. If you need long-lasting heat, hardwoods like oak or maple are excellent. For easier ignition and shorter burns, softwoods like pine and cedar are more suitable. Always consider your local availability and specific heating requirements when choosing your firewood. Check out our comprehensive Firewood Guide!