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Firewood Guide

Silver Birch (Betula Pendula)

The most popular firewood in Scandinavia, this is certainly a good option. Silver Birch is easily recognised by its white, paper like bark. Silver Birch is the ideal firewood for people who are new to wood burners or who desire an easy burning experience. 

It is one of the less dense hardwood species and therefore burns with ease producing a moderately high heat output and a large bright flame. Silver Birch bark has paper like qualities and therefore ignites very easily, making it a great substitute for firelighters! The aesthetic appeal of Silver Birch logs also make it a great ornamental firewood for log displays.

kiln dried birch logs

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)

Nicknamed ‘Ironwood’ due to its density, Hornbeam has long burn time with a very high heat output, although it produces a lower flame and can take longer to ignite. Hornbeam is a very popular option as your fire will not need tending too very often when burning this species. This creamy white wood is the hardest wood of any species in Europe, making it the wood of choice for the Romans crafting their chariots.

Oak (Quercus)

Oak is a traditional firewood, used as the most popular wood burning fuel for many centuries in this country.

It is an extremely dense hardwood, resulting in a very long burn time and a high heat output. Oak can be difficult to ignite but when burning it tends to produce a warm glow with a low flame. A low maintenance firewood due to its burn duration and creating minimal ash.

Oak Firewood
kiln dried ash

Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior)

Ash is the species that gives you a bit of everything! A dense hardwood with a high heat output.
A combination of easy igniting properties (like birch) and of a long burn duration (like oak) makes this a great all-rounder. A firewood that gets up to temperature in a short amount of time and produces a great light source when burning with its strong and bright flame.

Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)

‘The Queen of British Trees’. One of the heaviest and hardest firewood species available. Beech is a brilliant all-rounder. Beech burns for a long duration and creates a low number of ashes due to its thin bark and low sap content. It lights relatively easily and burns with a bright, moderate flame.

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Firewood Guide – Ribble Valley Log Supplies

Mixed Hardwood

Our mixed crates are made up of some of the best burning hardwood species. The crates will include a mixture of very dense and less dense hardwoods giving you all the ingredients for a perfect fire, if you want a large aesthetic flame one night and a low warm glow the next then this is the product for you.